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Our firm provides the absolute  best in landscape maintenance and design services. We are authorities in keeping your commercial and residential property looking its very best. Here are just a few of C-Green Lawn’s other benefits:

Fertilizer - Yukon - Mustang - Piedmont

Maintaining a luxuriant green lawn is conditional on many factors. One of the most influential facets of landscape maintenance is fertilization. Understanding what to do and when to do it, takes experience and learning the various products presently on the market.

Most soils are not capable of providing all the nutrients grass requires to remain thick and green during the growing season. Fertilizing your lawn properly keeps grass, trees, and shrubs in top health no matter the weather conditions.

C-Green Lawns keeps you advised with each of the various safe chemical applications our company applies to your lawn.
Questions we hear from our customers about fertilizing their lawns.

• Why should I fertilize my lawn? Treating a lawn with fertilizer improves the overall look of the lawn and supports health and vigorous growth.
• What do the numbers on the outside of a fertilizer bag represent? Numbers indicate amount 1) Nitrogen 2) Phosphate 3) Potassium. Key nutrients most plants require in varying quantities.
• What type of fertilizer should I be using? How quickly you want nutrients released into your landscape is the standard feature of fertilizer. Either quick release or a time-delayed release is available.
• How often should I fertilize? When you choose C-Green Lawns to protect your yard, we apply the finest fertilizer at the optimal time of the year. Experience counts!
•  Can too much fertilizer be used? Yes, modern fertilizers are much more potent than in years passed. Too much fertilizer produces a lethal environment for your landscape. 


C-Green Lawns is a company with unmatched experience and skill. We understand the complexities of applying the right fertilizer at the appropriate time. It is our goal to keep you apprised, each step we take with your lawn.

C-Green Lawns is a company with unmatched experience and skill. We understand the complexities of applying the right fertilizer at the appropriate time. It is our goal to keep you apprised, each step we take with your lawn.

Weed Control - Yukon - Mustang - Piedmont

Our services are constructed to give you the perfect-looking lawn, along with getting rid of all weeds. Controlling the weeds in your grass and flower beds is an endless battle. One application or treatment does not control weeds.

Our maintenance services for commercial and residential properties are constructed to deal with all unwanted plants on each visit. Our personnel constantly do visual inspections to make sure weeds are not getting a foothold anywhere in grass or beds.

C-Green Lawns employs fertilizer and spraying techniques, which are additional aspects of our service. We believe in natural and safe chemical remedies to manage countless weed varieties.

• Our first priority is to keep a lawn thick and strong. A good offense is the best defense. Our service keeps your lawn and turf vibrant that weeds have no hope of growing. We recommend adding thick groundcover to crowd out unwanted plant growth.
• Keep soil healthy by using the correct type of natural fertilizer and weed control products throughout the year. C-Green Lawn tests your soil and proposes an optimal fertilization program.
• We use a substantial nitrogen fertilizer for Bermuda and other warm-weather grasses and micronutrient-rich fertilizer for fescues to help weed control. Other spring/fall fertilizers and pre-emergents are applied. Our pre-emergent spraying is created to wipe out 1) Crabgrass 2) Goosegrass 3) Foxtail 4) Spurge 5) Chickweed 6) Henbit 7) Dallisgrass 8) Dandelion.

Pest Control - Yukon - Mustang - Piedmont

A home or commercial property is one of your most valuable assets. It is important to entrust this significant possession to your neighbor, C Green Lawn, who delivers results year after year.

If you are noticing spider webs in the basement or maybe a roach or two scurrying about in the kitchen, You Have A Pest Problem!!! Call C Green Lawns immediately (405) 757-8203, the trouble will only become worse. Keeping your property clear of pests and rodents provides
peace of mind.

Pest and rodent Prevention are always cheaper. 

C Green Lawns provides residential and commercial pest control services to Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont and El Reno for over twelve years. Our firm offers control services to industrial parks, retail space, professional offices, residential. The size of your home or facility does not matter, we would be honored to describe the benefits we provide.

Contact C. Green Lawns (405) 757-8203 for Your FREE! Estimate and in-home evaluation.

Residential Pest Control Services:

​​Our technician will arrive on time, and introduce themselves to make you feel relaxed. We are
entering Your home, and C Green Lawns is particularly respectful of that fact.

•Entry Point checks: Pests and rodents enter the home through doors, windows, garages, and crawlspaces. We search all these spaces as well as cracks and alternative areas where pests can get in your home.
•Yard Inspection: All outdoor spaces around the home are inspected for nests and insect entryways. WE also check conditions that may be a consideration in the future.
•Moisture Check: Technicians use digital moisture meters and flashlights to investigate areas in and around your home THOROUGHLY, which may attract         rodents and pests. Moist areas in the home are a prime breeding ground for mosquitos.
•Review and Report: After a complete survey of your home, Our technician will go over the report and review choices. It is essential to ask any questions at this time. If rodents or pests are discovered, we can deal with the problem immediately. Discuss this option with Your technician.

Commercial Pest Control Services:

Our commercial accounts have a much quicker turnaround than residential. It is easier to pick a date when homeowners are out of the house to treat for bugs. We do not have this luxury with our business clients.

C Green Lawns is unique in pest control. Residential services use the same technique with a few deviations. However, commercial pest control calls for a deeper extent of expertise. Even though commercial buildings may seem the same, the businesses are not. (foodservice, healthcare, retail)

•Our commercial inspections are with the intent of long-term care rather than a one-time treatment. Buildings are more vulnerable to pests because of nearby businesses or abandoned buildings.
•When inspecting a building, our technicians search for a unique range of pests and rodents. Residential is a fabric rich atmosphere, commercial buildings are not. C Green Lawn specializes in finding the correct solution for any pest or rodent problem. 

Our team is equipped to identify solutions for any home or business. It is important to call (405) 757-8203 and talk to one of our technicians if you spot any creepy-crawlies.

Aerating - Yukon - Mustang - Piedmont

One of the most effective boosts to any lawn or turf is aerating.

• Aerating soil involves spiking the soil with narrow holes, giving air, water, and nutrients better entry to root systems. Compacted soil keeps grass and shrub roots from developing.

C-Green Lawns uses the finest equipment possible to oxygenate your turf and lawn. For smaller lawns, we employ a spike-covered, water-filled drum. Our technician makes several passes to thoroughly break up any compacted soil. Larger lawns and commercial turf, we use large water-filled spiked drums pulled behind a tractor.

Aeration provides numerous benefits to any lawn or turf.

• Air and water are forced closer together, removing dissolved gasses and metals such as iron and hydrogen sulfide.
• Improves air and water flow, which improves drainage.
• Roots grow stronger, yielding a robust and vibrant lawn.

For our residential clients we recommend aerating your lawn once every two years and, if feasible, every year. We recommend aerating every year for our commercial clients.
C-Green Lawns can include a sand treatment your warm weather grasses. This approach changes soil structure and promotes drainage.
Fertilizing, in partnership with aerating and other seasonal recommendations creates a lush green landscape free of weeds.

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