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Trust your lawn care to a team that has the skill and know-how to get the job done right. No other firm in Oklahoma has the resources, equipment, and work force to deal with any size project, commercial or residential.

Residential Lawn Maintenance Services - Yukon - Mustang - Piedmont

Our monthly services give homeowners peace of mind, realizing their yard will look the best every month. Call Now (405) 757-8203, to schedule your Free! Lawn evaluation.

Take advantage of our seven-treatment weed management and fertilization program. This special offering GUARANTEES!! Your lawn will be clear of weeds and pests.  Call now and receive 30% off your initial treatment.  If seven treatments seems like too much for your lawn, give us a call and we can put together a custom plan for your needs.

Our firm provides a convenient monthly lawn maintenance service. Our technicians arrive on the designated day and time each month. Or, choose a weekly or bi-monthly schedule, whichever is comfortable for you.

Choose the best lawn maintenance company in Oklahoma, and these are the benefits we provide on each visit to your home.

•Mowing: Each visit, we cut cool weather grass at the recommended maximum of 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches. Our mower blades are sharpened to ensure the grass is cut by slicing rather than being chewed. Clippings are used as mulch to return healthy nutrients to your lawn. We use a cross-cutting technique; each mowing is cut at various angles to encourage thick and luscious growth.
Warm weather grasses require special care and cutting. We cut back warm-weather grasses as the temperatures start to fall. When your grass is thoroughly brown, our technicians cut back or scalp the yard. These are added charges to your monthly maintenance service. We use our normal rotary mowers on the bulk of our services. If you choose, we can use reel mowers.

•Edging and Weedeating: Our technicians use a motorized edger to trim along driveways and walkways. We also trim around hardscapes and flower beds to bring out the best look in your lawn. Every “rough” area in your lawn that can not be trimmed neatly by an edger is cut by weedeater. These areas are tree lines, highway, and ditches.

• Weed and Pest Control: Weeds and lawn diseases can rapidly overwhelm your lawn. Each appointment, our technicians physically inspect and pull weeds out of flower beds and similar areas. We use environmentally safe spraying to eliminate insects and weeds such as crabgrass, dandelion, and plantains. Depending on your service we apply an array of safe chemical solutions to your lawn.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services - Yukon - Mustang - Piedmont

It is essential your commercial property creates a positive first impression. The grounds should be as clean-cut and professional looking as your business.

Our monthly commercial services are extremely competitive in our market area. We provide a complete service with a wealth of optional benefits.

C-Green Lawns commercial division keeps your property and surrounding areas, manicured and pristine. Call Now (405) 757-8203 to schedule an appointment for grounds maintenance. 

Here are the benefits our commercial landscape customers can expect.

•Lawn care: Our technicians arrive on time every month or bi-monthly, depending on your service. We mow all common areas around buildings and other included structures. C-Green Lawns uses the best commercial mowers, and the work force we employ have considerable experience.

•Weed control: Turf, flower beds, walkways, and driveways are kept clear of any weeds such as dandelion and crabgrass. We utilize environmentally safe spraying techniques to keep all invasive growth under control. Each appointment, our technicians perform a complete visual review of the property.

•Plant, shrub, and tree maintenance: We trim all shrubs in and around natural spaces. Most small clippings are blown back into beds for nutrient mulch. Our team uses only the finest commercial trimming equipment with sharpened blades. Trees with over-hanging limbs are cut back from walkways.

•Blowing: After all mowing and trimming, our personnel use commercial grade blowers to clean driveways and walkways of debris. Turf is blown through, giving the area a clean and professional appearance. Shrub and plant clippings are blown back into beds, and larger debris is carried off.

Optional Services

•Annual and bi-annual pine straw installation: We use only the very best long-needle pine straw with superb color. We install pine-straw in all flower beds, and surrounding forest areas, We tuck in edges in to give your property a fresh professional look.

• Complete pest control: Quarterly or monthly proactive control program — exterior barrier spraying with environmentally safe pest control substances. Buildings are kept free of ants, spiders, and other invasive insects. Our comprehensive barrier spray keeps rodents from crawling inside.

• Irrigation Maintenance: We perform a complete system analysis on a regular or custom schedule. Our certified technicians will inspect sprinkler heads, hoses, and lines, meters and pump control, any backflow devices and the central control box. C-Green Lawns can repair or reinstall any irrigation components depending on the needs of the client.

•Monthly fertilization and weed control spraying.

•Tree trimming and removal.

•Landscape upgrades

•Remove and replace dead or unhealthy plants

•Snow removal

• Holiday lighting

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